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Welcome to the preassessment for the Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management!

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The test contains 20 multiple choice questions, and the pass mark is 15 (75%).  Once you complete your test, we will be sent a copy of the results and will contact you within two working days regarding the outcome.  If you run out of time, your test will automatically stop, and your results up to that point will automatically be submitted.

Important Notes:

  • Please only take the test once! We will only accept the result from the first attempt.
  • Choose your answers carefully! You cannot go back once you’ve selected an answer.

The assessment is designed to test your general knowledge in the built environment sector.  There will also be an emphasis on the technical aspects of domestic retrofit.  Questions will be randomly selected from the following categories:

Health and Safety

Construction Technology

Building Science

Building Defects

Managing Work Activities

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Category: Managing Work Activities

The part of the Building Regulations that cover the conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings is:

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Category: Health & Safety

The person responsible for providing PPE for use in the workplace is the:

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Category: Managing Work Activities

A document which contains a detailed breakdown of the order of the work that needs to be completed, against an estimate of how long each stage will take is known as a:

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Category: Building Defects

One of the main reasons for mould growth on the internal fabric of the building is:

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Category: Health & Safety

Legislation that applies to all places of work, and is designed specifically to protect employers, employees and members of the public that might be affected by the work, is the:

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Category: Building Defects

The most likely defect caused by the problem in the image below is:

Question Image

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Category: Construction Technology

In a warm pitched roof, what should be placed between the underside of the rafters and the insulation?

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Category: Building Defects

When a DPC fails in a cavity wall at ground-floor level, the most likely outcome is:

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Category: Managing Work Activities

A document which contains detailed information that covers construction features, materials, finishes and performance requirements for a project is known as a:

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Category: Building Defects

Fungus that is recognised by a flat, mushroom shape and attacks wet underfloor timbers (20 to 30% moisture content), is a sign of:

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Category: Construction Technology

In cavity wall construction the purpose of a ventilated cavity tray is to:

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Category: Construction Technology

In an existing wall, one way for telling if a ground floor is suspended is by the use of:

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Category: Construction Technology

In flat roof construction, where the insulation is placed above the roof deck, it is referred to as a:

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Category: Construction Technology

Laying insulation boards and a floor covering over an existing solid floor is referred to as:

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Category: Construction Technology

In one brick wall construction, a brickwork bond consisting of a stretcher followed by a header, and continuing with a stretcher and header is known as:

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Category: Building Science

Thermal resistance of building materials is measured in:

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Category: Building Science

Moisture from the air that appears on the colder part of the building fabric as water droplets, is best known as:

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Category: Health & Safety

A risk assessment is required

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Category: Managing Work Activities

Minimum standards for design, construction, and alterations to virtually any building are covered under the:

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Category: Managing Work Activities

A description of how to carry out work in a logical sequence, in a safe manner and without risks to health is found specifically in a:

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