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This section lists some of the many questions Retrofit Academy staff and tutors have been asked over the years.

How should conflict of interest be dealt with, and when, and in what format?

It should always be declared what that conflict of interest is, and that person then
should have no voting power or decision-making power on what that area of conflict
of interest is. That is how it works within British Standards.

Air-Box vents: do TrustMark consider these to be complaint with PAS standards and that these will be accepted by monitoring agents? We are told that these vents have been tested to British standard in accordance with Approved document Part F and on that basis our Retrofit Coordinator/Designers are happy to sign them off as part of the Retrofit Design.

Air Box has been tested to European Standards
but not UK, as far as we know.

I’ve been considering insulating suspended floors by lifting the boards, leaving the joists in place, filling the void with foamed glass aggregate to the level of the joists and filling between the joists with insulation. This should provide scope for increased insulation than just the insulation between joists. The voids between the foamed glass pieced should allow ventilation to continue but does that seem a workable solution?

Whether a solution will work or not is based on the context and condition of
occupancy of the building. Everything works somewhere but everything doesn’t
work everywhere. It’s about finding what is compatible for that building and context.

I had a question from local authority regarding signatures on certificates once work is completed: should this be the RC or the contractor who does this?

The installation responsibility
under PAS 2030 is the
contractor. The role of the
RC is as an oversight of the
work. So, it should be the
contractor who should sign
the completion of work.

Looking at air permeability testing for category C properties, door blower testing seems to be excessively intrusive. I’m researching the “Pulse” (low pressure) testing system which the suppliers (Build Test Solutions) say is PAS2035 compliant, but I can see no certification. Are you aware of the product and do you accept its’ results as compliant?

TrustMark don’t certify or agree any products and, as far as we are aware, it has
not been accepted as a means of assessing permeability rates under the Building

Has PAS 2035 Annex C been effectively superseded by the new Part F? If so, should Annex C be removed?

This is unlikely to happen
until next year now, unless an
Addendum is agreed, but is

Under PAS 2035 we have to provide the occupant with retrofit advice, which for a path B and C project shall include the identification of all recommended EEM options in the medium-term plan. As a registered social landlord, can the retrofit coordinator just provide us with all the options, and we then communicate with the tenant when we decide to implement a viable option?

The PAS 2035 does state that the advice should be provided by the Retrofit

As part of PAS 2035 we are required to complete monitoring and evaluation. However, once we have successfully completed this there is no way of uploading this to Trustmark (via either Elmhurst or ECMK) without having to pay for a full relodge. How do Trustmark monitor that this is being completed?

Trustmark have advised: In
the lodgement, should the
evaluation be completed
by the RC or a TrustMark
Licence Number (TMLN),
the evaluation information
will remain accessible for
inclusion and uploading. You can click the
PAS 2035 menu option, locate the job that
you are an evaluator for and respond. You
can then add a file and record the type , date
and outcome of the evaluation and view any
relevant documents linked to the job.

Will BEIS take us through the new removal of VAT from retrofit “materials” in the 24 March budget? How is this defined, e.g., labour, associated works? When will this start? How are contractors notified?

BEIS have told us: We advise installers to wait for guidance produced that will be
produced by HMRC (they lead on tax issues). Our current understanding is that this
change will introduce a 0% rate for all installs. I know in the past check installers had
to check whether the goods part of the overall invoice was less than 60% of the total
to qualify for reduced rate VAT. This link might be helpful: click here.

Has there been any confirmation from BEIS with respect to the extension/deadline dates for the lodgement of LAD2 works to Trustmark? We are still hearing various local authorities who all nervous, with no absolute clarification on this and all are working to different cut off dates.

BEIS have told us: As part of our exit management plan, LAD Phase 2 projects
have a new delivery completion date of 30th June 2022. The additional 1-month
period to submit final reports and lodge measures with Trustmark remains. Projects
should complete delivery by 30th June 2022, and have until the 31st July 2022 to
submit final reports and lodge measures with Trustmark. Further communications
regarding the process for LAD Phase 2 project closure will be shared with LAs via
the Local Net Zero Hubs in due course.

Is there an update on overhang with trims for DWI?

Quite a number of trims are currently being field tested out on site, and these
will be put forward to the retrofit standards task group for approval once
that testing is complete. The retrofit standards taskforce will have to make
a decision on whether they recommend that these trims should be included,
which would then go into the PAS 2035 documentation. It’s quite a lengthy
process, but there are lots of people keen on getting it and up and running.

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