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This project is fully funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund

We have created this page for the participants of the Fit for Retrofit – Devon - event.

There are resources on here to help you on your retrofit journey whether you are at the start or well on the way.

Fit for Retrofit Retrofit can seem like it’s too complicated, too technical or someone else’s job but it’s important we all play our part. Fuel poverty is more than ever crippling many families in the UK and making homes more energy efficient by retrofitting them is part of the solution. We have produced some guides for time poor people who really need to know about retrofit.

These leadership guides were designed for Fit for Retrofit and for use within the wider retrofitting community. Fit for Retrofit was first delivered in Essex and we created these one page guides as a result of feedback from the course.

The leadership guide to retrofit.
Why retrofit?

The leadership guide to retrofit.
Decarbonisation of heat.

The leadership guide to retrofit.
Why whole house retrofit?

The leadership guide to retrofit.
Why fabric first?

The leadership guide to retrofit.
Retrofit risks - EWI below DPC

The leadership guide to retrofit.
Retrofit risks - Ventilation.

Retrofit Training and Qualifications

The Retrofit Academy are offering a series of qualifications, courses and coaching to help ensure you and your team are prepared for the retrofit revolution.

Level 2: Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit

A comprehensive and easy to follow introduction to whole-house retrofit. Learners will gain an understanding of what domestic retrofit is, what it is supposed to achieve, what you need to know when working in the industry, and what to look out for when installing energy efficiency measures in homes.


Who's this for:

Teams working for a local authority/ community housing group, established trade installers looking to upskill, graduates or anyone looking to start on the ladder towards employment in the energy or construction industry.

Level 3: Certificate in Domestic Retrofit Advice

This qualification trains individuals to provide advice to people going through or considering implementing retrofit measures. From conducting initial online property assessments to booking installers and contractors, the Retrofit Advisor plays a key role in the early stages of the retrofit process.


Who's this for:

Individuals looking for employment in retrofit or organisations who may be interested in this training for their employees.

Level 4: Award in Domestic Retrofit Assessment

This course and qualification enable the delivery of new industry standard retrofit assessments under PAS 2035 requirements. Established Domestic Energy Assessors must be aware of the new requirements and the course delivers a crucial upskill opportunity.


Who's this for:

New and established DEA assessors and new and established retrofit assessors.

Level 5: Diploma in Retrofit Coordination & Risk Management

This course delivers all required knowledge and skills to qualify as a Retrofit Coordinator, a crucial new role required by the PAS 2035 standards. This essential new profession will be key to delivering the challenging task of retrofitting 27 million homes across the UK in the next 30 years.


Who's this for:

Experienced professionals within the built environment. Anyone in construction looking to upskill, diversify or enter an exciting new industry.

Getting Social Housing Providers Fit for Retrofit

Fit for Retrofit is an interactive programme that has been developed specifically to help get Social Housing Providers in the country ready to deliver successful retrofit projects across their housing stock. The first of its kind in the UK, the programme differs from other training programmes as its focus goes beyond the asset team and its role to enable cross-organisational understanding and action.


Who's this for:

Social and community housing professionals.

The Midlands Retrofit Toolkit

The Midlands Retrofit Toolkit provides all Local Authorities (LAs) and retrofit professionals across all disciplines with a clear process to help facilitate PAS 2035 compliance. All retrofit projects across the UK must be PAS 2035 compliant to protect the integrity of dwellings that are being retrofitted and the health of the people who live in them. This toolkit is designed to help with the variety of engagement, management, contractual and technical challenges involved in making compliance happen.

Local Authorities are in a pivotal position to deliver on the retrofit challenge that we have in the UK. Their services are based in the community, and they have their best interests at heart. This Toolkit is intended to assist with the delivery of high quality and PAS 2035 compliant retrofit that will provide warm and low carbon homes.

The Retrofit Toolkit is a collaboration between The Midlands Energy Hub (MEH) and The Retrofit Academy, to deliver practical tips that put PAS into practice.


Built on shared knowledge and values

This toolkit began its life by building upon work previously undertaken by the Local Energy North West Hub, the Greater South East Energy Hub and other Retrofit Academy projects. The initial briefing notes are still available to download below.

Together with work from three Task and Finish Groups comprising Midlands’s local authorities and Energy Hub representatives, the toolkit we use today finally took shape. All stages of the toolkit were developed with a wealth of legal and technical expertise and an educated awareness for local authorities’ needs for PAS 2035 compliance.

Pre-programme Activities


Retrofit Assessment


MTIP & Coordination Tasks


Customer Interface


Ensuring Effective Handover


Contracting for PAS 2035 compliant retrofit

A Guide for Local Authorities

The Retrofit Academy CIC is delighted to have worked with the Local Energy North West Hub on producing this guide for local authorities, centred on best practice for contracting PAS 2035 compliant retrofit.

The report is an important piece of work which looks to assist local authorities in working out the best way to deliver retrofit works that complies with PAS 2035. Through collaboration with the Local Energy North West Hub, we have developed four models to outline where all PAS 2035 roles sit in a retrofit programme and provide our suggestions for contracting options. At the heart of this work is the protection of the client, and most importantly, the resident.


Job roles with retrofitting

A Guide to job roles and responsibilities within the retrofitting industry

Membership with the Retrofit Academy CIC

Our membership body brings together individuals and organisations who are on a journey to deliver whole house retrofit at scale, and to offer support along the way.

The work that we do is central to driving PAS 2035 compliance; we shape retrofit best practice, share technical expertise with industry peers, and advance the sector through our memberships.

A community of advancement

We believe that bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations with leading retrofit experts in the field is the best way to meet UK retrofit targets and also help the key players in retrofit grow and flourish in this important growth industry.

By becoming a member, you will get exclusive access to industry training and technical guidance, a growing archive of industry analysis and insight, dedicated working groups and online seminars, CPD programmes, professional networking, and so much more.

These are just some of the benefits of becoming a member:

  • Develop your skills
  • Put PAS into practice
  • Connect with industry peers
  • Learn from retrofit experts
  • Access ongoing career support
  • Grow your retrofit business
  • Network with contractors and clients

We offer various membership packages for individuals, small and large businesses, social landlords, local authorities and manufacturers. Find out more about the benefits of joining and the packages that we offer:

New Membership Structure for Social Housing and Local Government!

We will be launching a new membership structure for Social Housing and Local Government in the Autumn.

This new structure will include an ‘enhanced’ membership that will include more services, support and training than any of our previous membership offers for the sector. It will also include a new accreditation for organisations, based on our Fit for Retrofit programme.

We are currently soft market testing with some existing clients and members. This will help us define and refine the scale content of the package. Pricing will probably be between £7.5k and £15k, depending on the outcome of the soft market testing. Membership will provide a significant discount (50%+) over accessing the included services individually – so it will represent great value.

If you would like to participate in the soft market testing contact:

Arnout Andrews
07495 339 736

The UK Retrofit Training Network

We are a collaborative network of providers, funding bodies, trainers, deliverers, and all other stakeholders, working in a coordinated way (locally and nationally) to enable the UK to become a global leader in retrofit training, capable of supporting local communities to the highest standards. The goal? Job creation and the eradication of fuel poverty.

Our team lead local partnerships , supporting and enabling them to develop an infrastructure capable of funding, training, and employing essential roles to deliver retrofit at scale.

Find out more Retrofit Training Partners License Infrastructure Development License

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