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About the Midlands Retrofit Toolkit

The Midlands Retrofit Toolkit provides all Local Authorities (LAs) and retrofit professionals across all disciplines with a clear process to help facilitate PAS 2035 compliance. All retrofit projects across the UK must be PAS 2035 compliant to protect the integrity of dwellings that are being retrofitted and the health of the people who live in them. This toolkit is designed to help with the variety of engagement, management, contractual and technical challenges involved in making compliance happen.

Local Authorities are in a pivotal position to deliver on the retrofit challenge that we have in the UK. Their services are based in the community, and they have their best interests at heart. This Toolkit is intended to assist with the delivery of high quality and PAS 2035 compliant retrofit that will provide warm and low carbon homes.

The Retrofit Toolkit is a collaboration between The Midlands Energy Hub (MEH) and The Retrofit Academy, to deliver practical tips that put PAS into practice.

What’s in the the Toolkit?

The toolkit contains advice, guidance, processes and samples of best practice across four broad but crucial areas; customer interaction requirements, management considerations, legal considerations and sample specifications. These sections are designed to be digested and shared among colleagues and stakeholders individually or as a whole, offering perspectives on PAS 2035 compliance from all relevant angles, so that everyone from the Funding Client to the programme manager to legal representatives are working together towards a fully compliant retrofit.

Significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from domestic properties across the country are vital in the response to climate change. PAS 2035 is integral to promoting a ‘whole-building’ approach to retrofit projects, improving the energy efficiency of homes while also reducing bills which is critical within the current energy crisis. Implementing new technical standards and operational requirements can be challenging, so we’ve created this toolkit to assist local authorities to become compliant.

Michael Gallagher, Head of Midlands Energy Hub

Built on shared knowledge and values

This toolkit began its life by building upon work previously undertaken by the Local Energy North West Hub, the Greater South East Energy Hub and other Retrofit Academy projects. The initial briefing notes are still available to download below.

Together with work from three Task and Finish Groups comprising Midlands’s local authorities and Energy Hub representatives, the toolkit we use today finally took shape. All stages of the toolkit were developed with a wealth of legal and technical expertise and an educated awareness for local authorities’ needs for PAS 2035 compliance.

Download the Retrofit Toolkit

The Midlands Retrofit Toolkit is free to download. Simply fill in the form below and to get access.

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