Retrofit Academy Awards Shortlist: Retrofit Coordinator of the Year

The Retrofit Academy has been training Retrofit Coordinators since 2016, having been part of the small group of retrofitters that invented the term more than a decade ago.
Since then, we’ve trained over 2500 of them!

So, we take enormous pride in the fact that the shortlisted entries for the Retrofit Coordinator of the Year this year have demonstrated a level of professionalism and competence that speaks volumes. Not only are they are doing great work, but they are now deploying their skills on large-scale, PAS-compliant projects that we once merely hoped was their destiny.

Take Ashley Crawford, one of the Retrofit Academy’s early intake, now a successful entrepreneur building a Coordination business based on quality and acting as a role model for his team and clients.

Or Natasha Ginks, who demonstrated what a great Medium Term Plan for Oxfordshire’s homeowners should look like.

Consider Jessica Scott-Henker, going way above and beyond compliance on large-scale social housing programmes.

Glen Roberts, who is driving good practice into the heart of a large contractor operating at huge scale.

Not forgetting of course, Adrian Jevons and Curtis Speers, also shortlisted nominees for this prestigious award!

It’s also clear to us that the profession itself is evolving and beginning to innovate. New apps are being developed, communication between teams is improving, digital construction management is to the fore.

What shines through all the entries beyond all else though is their commitment to putting the needs of the customer first. And when one customer per project suddenly becomes hundreds of residents per programme, that’s no easy task. We’re proud of you all for putting the spirit of PAS into brilliant practice.

Have you or your organisation been included in the Retrofit Academy Awards shortlist?

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