The Retrofit Academy Earns Accreditation as Great Place to Work™ Company   

November 20, 2023 20

Workforce development partner The Retrofit Academy has been officially accredited as a Great Place to…

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HOMES UK 23: How can local authorities and social housing providers address thei...   

November 16, 2023 16

As the countdown to HOMES UK continues, David Pierpoint, CEO of The Retrofit Academy, lays…

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Pioneering Essex County Council Partnership Sets the Standard for Residential Re...   

July 28, 2023 28

The government’s pressing energy and decarbonisation targets mean that social housing providers around the country…

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Maths Teacher Retrains for Rewarding Career as Retrofit Coordinator   

July 25, 2023 25

With more than 400,000 new qualified and competent retrofitters needed to achieve our 2050 carbon-saving…

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Industry panel discussion highlights tipping point for retrofit   

June 2, 2023 02

The retrofit industry is at a tipping point ahead of a period of development and…

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New Careers Hub Gives Retrofit Clients and Contractors Access to Fresh Talent   

May 25, 2023 25

With over a billion pounds in funding now available for large-scale, high-quality retrofit projects, housing…

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TRA enrols 5,000th learner as retrofit workforce builds   

May 24, 2023 24

Here at The Retrofit Academy we are excited to announce that we have successfully enrolled…

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Updated Guidance for Internal Wall Insulation   

August 22, 2022 22

Clarification for the use of moisture closed insulations in Internal wall insulation retrofits Dr Sarah…

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The Retrofit Academy Careers Portal – opportunity for suppliers   

July 22, 2022 22

The Retrofit Academy is looking to create a permanent virtual careers platform. This website will…

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The Retrofit Academy’s review of Housing 2022   

July 19, 2022 19

The Retrofit Academy attended Housing 2022 in June this year, Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual conference and Europe’s largest housing festival.

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An opportunity with The Retrofit Academy!   

July 15, 2022 15

The UK Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government programme for 2021/22. It aims to support people…

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Why do I do retrofit?   

July 8, 2022 08

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you’ll never have to work a day in…

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