PAS 2035 Compliance Process Map

The Retrofit Academy is committed to ensuring PAS 2035 compliance across the whole retrofit industry. We know that this is a big job, and the requirements for compliance are necessarily complex. So to help graduates and organisations navigate the world of PAS-compliant retrofit we have produced the PAS 2035 Compliance Process Map.

This in-depth guide has been written by some of the experts playing a key role in developing retrofit best practices: Retrofit Academy CEO David Pierpoint, Academy Mentor Alan Pither, and Dr Peter Rickaby, technical author of the PAS 2035 standard itself.

  • Walking the path to compliance

    There’s no escaping the fact that delivering compliant whole-house retrofit measures involves a lot of detailed work to be carried out by the relevant retrofit professional; but this guide will help you steer your way to compliance. Many of the steps involved are relatively straight-forward in themselves, but there are a lot of them (there are 114 for the Retrofit Coordinator alone). Because of this, it’s important to factor the time it takes to ensure compliance into the pricing structure you offer your clients.

About this guide

This guide consists of three Process Maps, each showing the compliance pathway for the three roles central to PAS 2035 compliance: Retrofit Assessor, Retrofit Designer, and Retrofit Coordinator.

Each Process Map clarifies the specific work required of the individuals carrying out these crucial roles; they also offer useful guidance for their employers, as well as the accreditation schemes they are part of.

Each map shows the individual steps that must be followed out at each stage of retrofit, and indicates which role is responsible for carrying them out. Although the path to compliance is long, this guide will stop you getting overwhelmed. Take your time to familiarise yourself with these maps, and the processes they outline will soon become second nature.

A map to retrofit excellence

PAS 2035 compliance shouldn’t just be seen as a box-ticking exercise, or as an opportunity for attracting funding (though Retrofit Academy membership will help with this). We encourage all contractors to view PAS compliance as an opportunity for retrofit organisations and their teams to build effective businesses committed to delivering fit-for-purpose whole-house retrofit measures to industry-leading standards.

Enter your details to download a free copy of The Retrofit Compliance Process Map and chart your way to retrofit excellence today.

Enter your details to download a free copy of The Retrofit Compliance Process Map and chart your way to retrofit excellence today.

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