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As part of our mission to shape, share and advance retrofit best practice in the UK The Retrofit Academy puts a strong emphasis on translating technical learning into professional practice.

We don’t just deliver industry-leading training and resources for retrofit professionals, organisations, and clients like social landlords and local authorities; we are also committed to giving you and your team the support you need to put your understanding of PAS compliance into effective practice in the real world.

To do this we have drawn on the collective expertise of the retrofit specialists who have played a central role in shaping the PAS 2035 specifications to give retrofit professionals and firms the knowledge and insights you need to deliver top-quality, fully-compliant retrofit measures throughout the UK.

  • PAS into Practice video experience

    One of the benefits of becoming a member of The Retrofit Academy (which our Level 5 Diploma learners get ‘learner membership’ of), is getting access to our PAS into Practice video series. This offers a practical perspective into how qualified retrofit professionals are ensuring PAS compliance in their daily project work. It gives a unique insight into the work of our retrofit experts, including Dr Peter Rickaby, Colin King, Bob Prewett, Nicholas Heath, Dr Zachary Gill and Alan Pither.

Putting your training to work

Because we put such a high value on translating our comprehensive training programmes into practical work in the retrofit sector, we ensure that all our tutors and mentors are also experienced retrofit professionals. Our team has over a decade’s experience transforming the retrofit industry to get it fit-for-purpose as the UK meets its energy efficiency goals; and we’re at the forefront of moving the industry forwards.

We have integrated this practice-focused approach into every aspect of our training, mentorship and professional development. It is why we have developed our Retrofit Academy Membership, which candidates of our Level 5 Diploma will have access to for 12 months after graduation. It is why we are building a community of retrofit practitioners to encourage people to share and develop retrofit best practice with their industry peers. And it is why we have created Retrobook; our digital matchmaking service linking retrofit professionals with high-quality work in the sector.

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