Retrofit Careers Pathway Consultation Paper – We Need Your Feedback


Background to this Consultation Paper

In early 2022, The Retrofit Academy (TRA) formed the Retrofit Academy Network (RAN).  This consists of TRA partners and convenes them in a Steering Group focussed on building the capacity and capability such that the people we need are in place to deliver retrofit at scale.  We have a very clear sense of urgency in this regard; we are over halfway through 2022, meaning that in just over seven years’ time we need to have a national programme implementing whole-house retrofit to some 20,000 homes a week, transforming them into warm, healthy, low carbon homes.  And this programme needs to be business as usual.

This requires some 430,000 additional people in construction, consisting of about 200,000 in roles connected to PAS2035, and a further 230,000 in retrofit trades.  This comes at a time of very considerable demographic change, with hundreds of thousands of construction workers due to retire in the next several years.  And there is competition within construction for new recruits to meet client demand across many economic sectors; health and education, infrastructure, the energy transition, and new housing – as well as retrofit.

The Retrofit Careers Pathway research was commissioned in early 2022 for the RAN to assist retrofit clients and funders in their decision-making regarding the planning and procurement of energy efficiency projects. The Green Paper, published in April 2022, sought to understand occupations currently engaged with retrofit, entry points to a retrofit career, and what the progression might look like.

The Consultation Paper

The Consultation paper focuses on the key findings and implications of this work and seeks feedback from retrofit and construction clients, supply chains and industry bodies.  This feedback will be used to draft a White Paper for release in Autumn 2022.

The aim of this consultation is to help draw attention to the employability and economic opportunities inherent in retrofit.  By visualising how retrofit investment can translate into viable, long-term and skilled careers and understanding what needs to happen such that these career opportunities are realised, we are better placed to attract the numbers we need into retrofit, and ultimately a national retrofit programme has the skilled people it needs to be successful.

Consultation Timescales

Consultation LaunchTuesday 16th August 22Consultation Paper
Consultation CloseFriday 7th October 22Online Feedback
White Paper PublicationFriday 21st October 22

Consultation Feedback

Consultation Contact

The contact for this consultation is:

Tom Jarman
Network Development – Social Housing & Local Authorities Lead 
07492 356 020


T: 0330 055 7629
A: Barn 4, Dunston Business Village,
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