Retrofit Coordinator Case Studies

Case Studies

Geordie Stewart

“The joy in the eyes of the clients when we handed it back… It was a very emotional moment. I think my eyes were welling up as well! Very, very satisfying. So, I’m constantly encouraging people to be retrofit coordinators.”

Carl Harvey

“The important thing for me is that you’re actually making a difference. And I mean that in two respects: firstly, it’s about quality. It’s about making sure that all the right measures are being installed. It’s also about making sure they are done in the way that they should be done.”

Martin Hobbs

“In an ideal world, the Retrofit Coordinator should be involved from the start of the project, with the client, all the way through the scheme. The idea of the Retrofit Coordinator is to have a complete knowledge of everything that goes on within that property and have an involvement in whatever is the right thing to do for that property.”

Fallon Warren

“Having the PAS2035 framework and standards, if that’s an industry set standard, that’s really going to drive people to achieve that higher quality of work, and really put the emphasis onto the buildings being sustainable, improving thermal comfort for our customers. Especially with the increase in energy prices and fuel poverty.”

Safeil Maqbool

“For me, it’s about the success stories. When you look at some of the more regular topics in the news, especially at the moment, in regards to the increase in energy prices and fuel costs. We are definitely seeing a greater uptake in energy efficiency measures by homeowners.”

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