Retrofit CPD

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CPD Courses

Our Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses provide an excellent foundation for those looking to better understand and develop their retrofit skills and knowledge.

But we know the sector is evolving and those working in it need the opportunity to learn beyond an initial qualification. This is important for sustaining the retrofit workforce but also for securing quality outcomes on every project.

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We’ll Continue Developing Your Retrofit Skills and Knowledge

Whole house retrofit covers a wide base of knowledge and specialist skills.

Best practice is always developing, so even experienced colleagues will need to refresh on certain topics throughout their career. There will also be major updates that change the way retrofitters work – for improved safety, efficiency or to achieve a better outcome.

For both individuals and organisations, CPD courses are the best way to communicate change and upskill. They update on the latest industry developments, prepare people for new responsibilities and allow you to make more informed decisions.

How Our CPD Courses Benefit You

CPD courses ultimately show you’re serious about following best practice within domestic retrofit.

For contractors, these sessions are an important part of demonstrating competence to local authorities and social landlords as they bid for work. And for individuals, they’re essential for improving career prospects.

Our sessions will keep you informed and updated on the latest sector developments.

How Our Retrofit CPD Courses Work

As a member you can browse our CPD library at any time. Simply click ‘Start this Session’ when you’ve found the right course for you and watch the video or work your way through the reading material.

Retrofit Assessors must accrue 10 CPD hours each year. For Retrofit Coordinators, it’s 25 hours. This is to maintain accreditation and gain authorisation for work on government-funded projects.

When you have finished each session, mark it as complete. Your certificate and your accrued CPD hours will then be issued for that session. Keep checking back as we will continue to add more CPD content throughout the year.

Our CPD Sessions

Retrofit is a moving picture and we’re committed to keeping you updated with the most relevant skills and knowledge.

Our CPD courses address all aspects of work in UK housing. Some are focused on specific roles, while others look at practical applications on site.