Supporting Social Housing

The Retrofit Challenge for Registered Social Landlords

Of the 26 million or so homes that need to be retrofitted in the UK, 4.1 million of them are social homes and of those 1.6 million perform poorly at below an EPC C rating. This means cold, damp and expensive to run homes for many families who are already living on low incomes. It also means repeat repair visits and in some cases, disrepair claims that run into many thousands  of pounds.

At the Retrofit Academy we understand the challenges that this brings for Social Landlords and also for Local Authorities who grapple with not only their strategic responsibilities but also those homes not under the governance of a good, registered provider.

  • The cost of inaction

    The current Wave 1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund is the latest opportunity in what is promised to be a 10 year and £3.8 billion programme of government support. We want to help registered providers and local authorities to be ready to benefit and maximise the opportunity to get retrofit at scale. 

    Our Fit for Retrofit Grid describes our services of training, support, services and resources.

  • The role of social landlords

    Social landlords and local authorities have a major role to play in creating the warm, comfortable, and efficient homes we need to build a sustainable future. At The Retrofit Academy we support you deliver retrofit excellence that works for all stakeholders.

  • The social housing challenge

    Social landlords
    Meeting the retrofit needs of UK housing stock is a considerable challenge for social landlords who are responsible for delivering these measures and ensuring they comply with the industry standards outlined in the PAS 2035 specification.

    Local authorities
    Local authorities have the challenge of delivering on their strategic responsibilities whilst ensuring the homes under their jurisdiction are governed by responsible, registered providers.

  • The opportunity

    The UK Government is committed to supporting domestic retrofit measures as part of their ten point plan for a green industrial revolution.

    The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched the first wave of a new Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). This is the first tranche of a commitment to investing £3.8 billion over a 10-year period.

  • Access retrofit funding

    Wave 1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund is worth £160 million and is open to registered social housing providers and local authorities. Access to this fund will help social housing providers deliver high quality, cost-effective retrofit at scale.

    If you are a social landlord or local authority we want to work with you to help you access this vital funding source and take pride in making UK social housing a beacon of cost-effective, humane and sustainable living.

  • Effective support for Social Landlords

    The Retrofit Academy has created a range of services to support social housing providers, including training, strategic support, and in-depth resources.

  • Interactive training programme

    Implementing effective retrofit measures calls for joined-up thinking to make sure your team members get the information and resources they need, when they need them.

    Our training programme ensures that the right people get the right support. For example, you may need to send your Asset Manager to a PAS 2035 compliance session, whilst your Housing Manager participates in a resident engagement session. All our sessions encourage the active participation of attendees and offer 121 coaching to fully empower your team.

The Cost of Inaction

Low-efficiency social housing means homes that are cold, damp, and expensive to run. This causes a range of physical health issues such as respiratory conditions and exacerbates mental health issues as millions of low-income families face the scourge of fuel poverty. 

Inefficient homes are more prone to damage caused by factors like damp caused by poor ventilation. By not tackling these issues through a whole-house approach to retrofit, the ongoing costs of repair and maintenance works can run into thousands of pounds per property.

Join our retrofit network

The Retrofit Academy offers a community of like-minded retrofit professionals, all committed to delivering retrofit excellence.

By becoming a member you are able to tap into the collective experience and know-how of industry peers who either know the solutions to your challenges or are able to work through them with you.

Other benefits:

  • Learn what it means to deliver PAS 2035-compliant whole house retrofit and how to protect consumers at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Gain funding through SDHF and other sources by integrating whole-house retrofit into your asset management plan.
  • Get access to our network of fully qualified retrofit contractors.

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