About Us

The Retrofit Academy is the driving force in retrofit knowledge and skills. Find out more about us below!


We are the market leader in the development and delivery of retrofit training and qualifications.

Committed to quality, we support the evolution of the retrofit sector and spearhead the practical solutions needed to decarbonise UK housing at an ambitious scale.

Our work provides the link between industry, education and government – the three sectors needed to address the practical skills gap in retrofit and make net zero a reality.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is a world where every home is warm, healthy and low carbon

We don’t shy away from a challenge and our vision is certainly that! But it’s a vision we passionately believe in.

Improving the UK’s housing stock has huge benefits. It will address climate change by reducing carbon emissions, making the world a better place now and in the future. It will also give people far better homes to live in, improving their quality of life and standard of living.

Our mission is to drive the development of 200,000 competent retrofitters by 2030

Another big challenge but one that’s absolutely essential if the UK is to achieve its target of being net zero by 2050.

To put that 2050 deadline in context, we need to make improvements to 1.8 homes every minute over the next few decades.

And to do that, we need an extra 400,000 new entrants to the retrofit sector to bridge the existing skills gap.

This is where we are making a difference. We have set ourselves the target of bridging half of that skills gap, and doing that by 2030.

Some More About Us

In this video, our CEO, David Pierpoint, explains more about us and our role in the future of domestic retrofit.

We’re the Trusted Workforce Development Partner for Retrofit

We believe in the power of partnership.

Our work spans the entire retrofit sector. We bring together government, industry and education to develop the skilled workforce needed to deliver high-quality retrofit projects at scale.

Our approach is best seen through a series of distinct initiatives:

Competence and Qualifications

We develop and deliver high-quality, relevant retrofit qualifications and content. We champion competence and quality through our established membership body

Building Partnerships

We work with central and local government, retrofit employers and training providers to understand and close the practical retrofit skills gap. We are a trusted adviser, solving difficult problems and supporting the growth of retrofit skills provision

Market Intelligence

We carry out in-depth and relevant research to generate an enhanced understanding of retrofit skills gaps. We use this insight to develop new qualifications, content and events

Building the Retrofit Workforce

We define retrofit career paths and promote careers in retrofit. We bring learners and employers together to close local retrofit skills gaps