Case Study with Carl Harvey

Retrofit: Making a Difference!

A Retrofit Coordinator case study with Carl Harvey.

PAS 2035 is a publicly available specification which outlines the necessary standards for the future of domestic retrofit. It is designed to enhance retrofit standards, improve processes, and introduce new skills, capabilities and roles. The six roles introduced; each have their levels of responsibilities determined by the assessed level of project risk. Carl Harvey holds qualification and experience in two of the six: Retrofit Assessor and Retrofit Coordinator.

Carl works as an independent retrofit coordinator at My Home Survey Ltd, that he established in 2007 and as a senior retrofit coordinator at Osmosis ACD Ltd. Having developed the methodology for auditing the RHI scheme for Ofgem, Carl is now the senior site auditor for the scheme including compliance with MCS standards.  He has held seats on various Government forums and was involved in the development of the Green Deal. Carl worked with ABBE to develop several energy/retrofit courses including DEA, GDA & HEA. He also developed bespoke training courses and systems for companies involved in ECO, GDHIF & MEES.

We spoke to Carl about his experience and the importance of making a difference. Carl spoke passionately about the development of the retrofit coordinator role in the new age of retrofit, and how this presents a great opportunity for doing it right, across the board.

“The important thing for me is that you’re actually making a difference. And I mean that in two respects: firstly, it’s about quality. It’s about making sure that all the right measures are being installed. It’s also about making sure they are done in the way that they should be done.”

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