Social Housing

We work closely with housing associations and local authorities that own and manage their housing stock. We help them build the skills and knowledge they require to deliver successful, high-quality retrofit.

We also support them in building the workforce they need and in bringing economic and social benefits to their local communities.

Improving Social Housing Across the UK

We have extensive experience working with those managing social housing in the UK –
whether that’s landlords, councils or housing associations.

Clarion Housing
Live West
Birmingham City Council
Surrey County Council
Norfolk County Council
Hampshire County Council
Essex County Council

How We Work with Social Housing

The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund is a £3.8 billion programme to upgrade thousands of homes belonging to housing associations and local authorities across the UK.

We work with those organisations through:

Organisational Competence

We help benchmark a social landlord’s readiness to deliver large-scale, high-quality retrofit.

Workforce Development

We create organisational development plans to help build internal capability, training the retrofit professionals and trades needed to a high standard.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

We undertake PAS 2035 health checks to assess whether housing providers are on the right path.

The Cost of Inaction

Low energy-efficient housing means homes that are cold, damp and expensive to run. Inefficient homes are more prone to damage caused by factors, such as damp caused by poor ventilation.

By not tackling these issues through a whole-house retrofit approach, the ongoing costs of repair and maintenance works can run into thousands of pounds per property.

What’s at Stake

The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) presents a huge opportunity for housing providers to bring its stock up to standard and better service their residents.

Over the next 10 years, £3.8 billion is expected to be unlocked to pay for large-scale retrofit projects. We want to prepare registered providers and local authorities, so they can maximise the benefits of this government support and the benefits for their residents.