LEVEL 3 AWARD in Domestic
Retrofit Advice

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Level 3 Retrofit Advice Course

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£1,300 + VAT

What is a Retrofit Advisor?


Retrofit advisors give independent guidance to homeowners and residents, helping them understand retrofit and which options are available for their homes. They often work alongside retrofit coordinators, providing an important link between the people working on a property and those living in it.

Retrofit advisors are among the first to be engaged when new work begins. They will establish the project’s needs and budget, and work with the retrofit coordinator to determine intended outcomes. Many remain involved in resident engagement throughout the assessment, design and planning stages of an installation.

This job is mainly about communication, keeping residents engaged and minimising disruption. In short, they are the eyes and ears on the ground.


Level 3

Those who pass the assessment successfully will receive a Level 3 Award in Domestic Retrofit Advice. This is issued by AIM Qualifications, an Ofqual-regulated body.


Portfolio of evidence

The course is assessed via a portfolio of evidence that you will submit upon completion of the final module. Assessors are experienced retrofit professionals, so your work will be marked by someone who knows the sector best.


Four modules

  • The Role of Retrofit in Home Energy Consumption
  • Retrofit Principles
  • The Retrofit Industry and the Role of Advisors
  • Understanding the Principles of Retrofit Advice

Method of study

Blended learning

  • Self-guided e-learning platform
  • Online via virtual learning or in a Retrofit Academy training centre
  • Access to The Retrofit Academy learning management system


Unrivalled support

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  • State-of-the-art learning management system
  • 24/7 access
  • Mentor support
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  • Customer support
  • Self-paced learning 
  • Interactive and engaging learning 
  • PAS document


The Level 3 Award in Domestic Retrofit Advice is an eligible qualification for current and ex-military personnel under the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS).
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Who Should Become a Retrofit Advisor?

Retrofit advisor is an ideal role for those with a talent for communication and stakeholder engagement.

It’s about making the complex process of retrofit more straightforward for everyone involved, with a special focus on the homeowner or residents.

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Level 3
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£1,300 + VAT

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