The Retrofit Academy has developed a huge range of tools and resources that we are happy to share with the world.

We see this as part of our vision of a world where every home is warm, healthy and low carbon.


We have a range of toolkits, videos and how-to guides available to access free of charge. We hope you find these useful wherever you are in your retrofit journey.


We have collaborated with local authorities to develop several important toolkits so you or your organisation can easily comply with PAS 2035. Inside, you’ll find advice, processes and examples of success in four key areas: customer interaction requirements, management considerations, legal considerations and sample specifications.

PAS 2035

We have experts that were instrumental to the creation of PAS 2035, giving us a unique perspective on how to understand and execute its recommendations in a live setting. Our Knowledge Base is full of useful guides and process maps for those new to retrofit and more experienced professionals.

Domestic Retrofit

We cover everything needed to progress your retrofit projects, no matter the stage you’re at. We have job descriptions for key roles in the sector and a complete series on the end-to-end process of low-carbon retrofit from the Domestic Retrofit Institute for Sustainability.

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Our community of retrofit experts, practitioners and contractors continues to grow as we support the delivery of safe, high-quality whole-house retrofit at scale. There are a plethora of benefits for both individuals and organisations.