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Bringing together professionals from across the retrofit industry to share knowledge and best practice, for safe, high-quality retrofit, our Retrofit Professional Forum embodies a union between past Retrofit Academy Summits and PAS Clubs.

Our Retrofit Professional Forums are held on the Retrofit Careers Hub! It’s completely free to register, so please ensure you have a registered account and log in in the first instance before attempting to join the relevant event through the platform.

When and where

Date and time

9th November
10.30am – 12.00pm


Retrofit Careers Hub



10.30am – 10.35am

Huge lessons have been learned during Wave 1, and one of these is the importance of planning, carefully, the necessary steps to complete a successful retrofitIt has become clear that, on the delivery side, tasks need to be undertaken in a very definite order; for greatest efficiency and to maintain resident supportFor Wave 2, we can learn from previous experiences and avoid costly work arounds that waste time and resourcesJoin the Professional Forum to get first-hand knowledge from experienced retrofit professionals who have learned the hard way, and can now share their learnings. What are the key roles and responsibilities in domestic retrofit delivery? How can stakeholders and contractors collaborate effectively to ensure that the retrofit project is delivered on time and on budget, and meets the desired outcomes?

Case Study: Addressing the real-world issues when delivering domestic retrofit

10.35am – 10.55am
    • Sharing best practice when programming large-scale projects.
    • Identifying the right pathway for your project.
    • Scaling up for Wave 2.
    Panel Discussion

    10.55am – 11.10am
      • Pooling experiences to understand the importance of correct sequencing: when each of the steps needs to happen and why.
      • Reviewing the most appropriate stage for assessment and co-ordination.
      • Strategies for identifying collaboration opportunities in procurement and across contractors.
      • How should projects be conducted to completion within a fiscal year?
      • Managing resident engagement and access to maintain progress on a retrofit project.
      • Planning for install and maintain contracts for all new retrofitted equipment. 
    Question & Answer

    11.10am – 11.30pm

    You are actively encouraged to ask questions, share knowledge and experience. Join the discussion via our interactive chat board.

    PAS Club

    11.30am – 12.00pm

    This event is an active platform for the audience to have their questions answered related to the PAS 2035 standard, retrofit and ventilation. Click here to submit a question.

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    Who Can Attend?

    Learners, graduates, members and partners of the Retrofit Academy are invited to join us at our Retrofit Professional Forums, where we bring together professionals to talk about key industry topics.

    If you are a practicing retrofitter in the industry, these events are for you!

    Who Is It For?

    Designed to engage and support both individuals and organisations across the housing and construction industries who are who want to widen their network and understanding of retrofit. 

    How Do I Join?

    Our Retrofit Professional Forums take place on our virtual careers and events platform, the Retrofit Careers Hub!

    All you need to do is sign up to the hub to join our events, free!

    On the day of the event, navigate to the Lobby of the Retrofit Careers Hub, and choose ‘Join our Events’ where you will be able to join our live in-session event.

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