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PAS 2035 outlines six key roles needed for major retrofit projects. These roles are essential for early planning, decision-making and the ultimate success of a programme.

They help define a project’s objectives, assess the existing conditions and develop a strategic roadmap for achieving desired outcomes.

So, what are they?

Retrofit coordinator

Coordinators manage a project from start to finish, linking together the teams responsible for each stage. They are accountable for protecting the homeowner and public interests.

Retrofit assessor

Assessors are responsible for property assessments, providing the information needed to identify and design appropriate improvement measures.

Retrofit advisor

Advisors offer independent advice to homeowners. They are an important part of keeping projects on track and residents engaged.

Retrofit evaluator

Evaluators investigate the reasons why a project has not met its intended outcomes. They are critical for ensuring future projects are successful and funding is spent effectively.

Retrofit designer

Designers specify how improvement measures will be installed, taking into account how all measures interact.

Retrofit installer

Installers make the physical changes to a property that have been specified by the coordinator and designer.

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