Retrofit 101

Learn about the fundamentals of whole-house domestic retrofit with our free introductory course, Retrofit 101!


Want to learn more about retrofit? Unsure whether a career in retrofit is for you?

Our informative short course will give you the essential information you need to understand what retrofit is, learn more about the industry, and grow your knowledge.
Plus, it’s free!

Retrofit 101 is a tailor-made course designed by The Retrofit Academy for anyone wanting to learn about the fundamentals of whole-house domestic retrofit: the principles, best practices, and why it is important.

It takes just two hours to complete and on successful completion, you will receive a certificate.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to demystify the jargon around retrofit!


Module 1:
What Is Domestic Retrofit?

  • Learn the fundamentals of domestic retrofit and its significance 
  • Explore the basic principles that underpin successful retrofit projects 
  • Discover the wide range of retrofit materials available  
  • Delve into the world of renewable technologies for sustainable homes 

Module 2:
Why Is Domestic Retrofit Needed?

  • Understand the urgent need for domestic retrofit in the face of climate change
  • Explore the UK’s targets and challenges in achieving energy efficiency  
  • Learn how domestic retrofit can address fuel poverty and improve energy security 
  • Discover how retrofitting contributes to healthier and more energy-efficient homes 

Module 3:
Retrofit Advice

  • Gain valuable insights into energy-saving practices for homeowners 
  • Identify common defects in buildings and how to address them during retrofitting 
  • Learn about available advice and support resources for successful retrofit projects 

Module 4:
The Domestic Retrofit Journey

  • Explore the different roles involved in the domestic retrofit process 
  • Learn about the growing retrofit industry and the opportunities it offers 
  • Navigate the retrofit journey step by step, from assessment to implementation
  • Discover additional training and opportunities through TRA courses 

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