Front of a UK home - insulated door and windows.

Fully-Funded PAS 2030 Certification & Accreditation

Do you live or have a registered business in the Essex or Devon regions? 

If so, start the process to be PAS 2030 Certified via a fully funded programme with the support of The Retrofit Academy. 

What You Need To Know About PAS 2030 

PAS 2030 is the industry specification to which all contractors and installers must be certified, and compliant, when carrying out energy efficiency measures in existing dwellings under government initiatives.  

PAS 2030 sets out the requirements for installation procedures, the competence of operatives, and overall requirements for quality that all installers will follow to ensure work carried out has met the required standard. 

PAS 2030 covers three primary types of installations: 

  • Building Fabric Measures (BFM) which include insulation, glazing, and doors 
  • Building Services Mechanical (BSM) which includes boilers and heating systems 
  • Building Services Electrical (BSE) which includes lighting and lighting controls 

Contractors who are compliant and PAS 2030 certified can register to be TrustMark approved. TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, that provides consumers with the assurance that they are engaging a firm that has been thoroughly vetted to meet required standards, and has made a considerable commitment to good customer service, technical competence and trading practices.  

By ensuring all Registered Businesses adhere to and maintain these standards through the expert network of Scheme Providers, TrustMark gives consumers increased confidence and choice. 

Why Should You Gain PAS 2030 Certification? 

To be considered for the installation of energy efficiency measures in existing dwellings for government-funded projects, you will need to be PAS 2030 certified to demonstrate that your business meets the technical requirements.  With this certification, you can grow your business and develop your services, and help meet demand from the many housing associations, businesses and consumers looking to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. 

By also becoming TrustMark registered you can confirm the quality assurance you deliver as a business, and your commitment to customer service and enhancing consumer protection, confidence and choice. 

This will allow you to deliver low-carbon solutions which will benefit your customers with reduced energy costs and healthy, safe, and comfortable living conditions. 

PAS 2030 certification gives your clients the assurance they need when searching for qualified and competent installers.