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My Retrofit Journey: Michelle Keeling, GoGreen Alliance

Michelle Keeling’s career evolution from Submissions Officer to Submissions Manager and beyond at GoGreen Alliance Ltd. is a testament to the transformative potential of continuous learning and The Retrofit Academy’s retrofit training courses, spanning from levels 2 to 5. Discover her inspiring journey and the opportunities for professional development within the retrofit industry.

Michelle’s Journey:

Michelle Keeling, Submissions Manager for GoGreen Alliance, first discovered retrofitting over a decade ago. However, it was her journey with her current employer and her enrollment in The Retrofit Academy just three years back that truly ignited her passion for the industry. Through our Level 2 in Understanding Domestic Retrofit course and subsequent certifications, Michelle has shared that she has gained invaluable insights into crucial aspects like energy performance certificates (EPCs), technical terminology, and industry best practices. Her professional growth and success in a career she adores are a testament to the transformative power of retrofit education.

Michelle’s Evolution at GoGreen Alliance:

Michelle Keeling’s journey at GoGreen Alliance, an energy efficiency consultancy and installation business in Wolverhampton, began with a realisation: she was eager to learn, but she lacked a fully comprehensive understanding of everything she needed to excel. Determined to progress in her role, Michelle committed to upskilling and undertook three courses with The Retrofit Academy, some through the accelerated West Midlands Skills Bootcamps. This strategic decision not only deepened her comprehension of client needs but also facilitated her professional development.

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With dedication and determination, Michelle swiftly progressed in the business and is now undergoing training for the Deputy Manager role. She shared that her and GoGreen Alliance’s commitment to continuous learning, coupled with the support of The Retrofit Academy’s training programs and Membership, have been pivotal in defining her career trajectory.

Michelle’s colleagues have also undertaken courses, with her co-worker completing the Level 3 Domestic Retrofit Advice course and her manager holding the Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management. Now undergoing training for the Deputy Manager role, Michelle’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and the opportunities available through The Retrofit Academy.

Michelle’s Testimonial:

Michelle’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals, showcasing the endless possibilities available through our training courses. Reflecting on her remarkable journey, Michelle credits The Retrofit Academy with her career progression:

“Completing courses through The Retrofit Academy has truly opened doors, allowing me to gain vital knowledge to push forward in what is primarily a very male-centric industry. I don’t think my retrofit learning will end here. In the new year, I may be looking to apply for the Level 5 Diploma myself and potentially beat my record of three weeks. The Retrofit Academy has truly helped develop my career, and I know through my work, I’m helping create a more sustainable future.”

Michelle Keeling, Submissions Manager, GoGreen Alliance Ltd.

Funded* Retrofit Training in the West Midlands

Michelle’s inspiring story highlights the empowering impact of education, and it’s a reminder that similar journeys are attainable for anyone, no matter your starting point! The Retrofit Academy offers funded flexible courses for up to 16 weeks through the West Midlands Skills Bootcamps, allowing individuals to build sector-specific skills and launch their careers in energy efficiency and retrofit roles. These bootcamps are designed to ensure adults can retrain and upskill, providing a clear path to new roles, opportunities, or contracts. If you live or work in the West Midlands, you may be eligible for this funded training to embark on your retrofit journey.

*Fully funded for unemployed, self-employed and career changers. For learners put forward by their company (co-funded) the employer pays match funding up to 10% for an SME (1-249 employees) and up to 30% for a Large Enterprise (250+ employees).

Your Journey Awaits

Michelle’s story is just one example of the countless individuals who have transformed their careers through our training courses. Whether you’re starting out or looking to advance your career, The Retrofit Academy is here to support you every step of the way.

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