March Summit: Retrofit in Social Housing

Centre of Excellence Summit: Retrofit in Social Housing

Retrofit has rocketed up the agenda of many social landlords and local authorities over the past 12 months. With the EPC Band C by 2030 target looming large, and Net Zero on the horizon, decarbonising the existing stock has long been the ultimate elephant in the room. 

The post-COVID stimulus package and new fuel poverty alleviation funding administered by local authorities has created more momentum. But there are massive challenges ahead. Not least, understanding the housing stock, developing coherent retrofit strategy and compliance with the PAS 2035 Standard with a supply chain in its infancy. 

When was it?

Thursday 25th March

2:00 – 4:00PM

What was it about?

This live webinar covered some key topics on retrofit for the social housing sector. It aimed to:

  • Take stock of where we are with retrofit for social housing
  • Consider lessons learned to date, including those we may have forgotten
  • Identify and explain growing opportunities for retrofit in the social housing sector
  • Consider the emerging role that local authorities are playing in managing retrofit schemes and whether this is the shape of things to come 

What were the topics and who were the speakers?

  • Remembering Retrofit for the Future: 10 Years On, Have We Forgot What We Already Know? Peter Rickaby, Technical Director, The Retrofit Academy
  • The LAD Scheme and Future Policy Direction on Fuel Poverty. Kate Duffy, Senior Policy Advisor, LADs Scheme, BEIS
  • Scaling Up Retrofit in Social Housing through the SHDF. Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, BEIS
  • Our Retrofit Journey: Top 10 Lessons Learned So Far. Emily Braham, Head of Energy Projects at Nottingham City Homes

Get your free preview copy of ‘The Social Housing Toolkit’

The Retrofit Academy also launched a support programme for social landlords at the Summit, including the publication of the Retrofit Academy Social Housing Toolkit. The full Toolkit is available free to Centre of Excellence members, but you can download a preview here.

Want to watch the playback?

The summit was open to anyone wanting to learn more about retrofit in social housing. If you missed it, or want to view the playback, check it out here!

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