Will the construction industry modernise, die or stay roughly the same?   

September 9, 2019 09

The report cited five drivers for change: a quality-driven agenda, a commitment to people, integrated…

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Jargon Buster   

September 6, 2019 06

A-value Water absorption coefficient of a material in kg/m2s0.5. Absolute Humidity is the measure of…

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What are the drivers of the construction revolution? Are they for real?   

August 15, 2019 15

In my last article I asked whether construction would modernise, die or stay roughly the…

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Should we get #retrofitpositive again?   

August 15, 2019 15

When The Green Deal collapsed in 2015-16, the energy efficiency industry was understanbly upset and…

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Current housebuilding model storing up problems for the future   

September 5, 2017 05

Although the UK is falling well short of the Government’s target to build 200,000 new…

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Standing up for buyers of new homes   

August 30, 2017 30

We all know of someone who’s had a bad experience of the housing market, from…

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Vegetarian construction? It could be the future!   

August 29, 2017 29

With the key theme of transforming Europe’s existing housing stock, this year’s International Refurbishment Symposium…

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The Retrofit Academy CIC Responds to the Each Home Counts (Bonfield) Report   

December 20, 2016 20

The Retrofit Academy CIC was set up to address the skills and knowledge gaps that…

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Leading academics discuss why the time is right to bring global thought-leaders ...   

September 20, 2016 20

The idea for an international, high-level symposium on sustainable refurbishment was borne out of frustration….

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Desktop Background   

January 1, 2016 01

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