The Retrofit Academy Awards 2022: Retrofit Coordinator of the Year

Congratulations Geordie Stewart!

The Retrofit Academy has now trained over 1,740 Retrofit Coordinators nationwide! Of which, 750 are fully qualified and a further 400 registered with TrustMark. One of the most competitive categories of this year, our inaugural Retrofit Academy Awards celebrates Geordie Stewart as our first ‘Retrofit Coordinator of the Year’ Award winner. A special commendation from the Judging panel went to Ashley Crawford.

Our Judges’ criteria:

  • Effective customer engagement and high-quality customer service.
  • Delivery of consistently high-quality retrofit coordination and risk management.
  • Commitment to applying PAS 2035 key principles and practices.

Geordie ticked all the boxes, and more! Both a model Retrofit Coordinator and retrofit advocate, Geordie has showcased his dedication by developing and training not only himself, but practicing Retrofit Coordinators, whilst also promoting high quality retrofit in the large built environment community. His case study was exemplary and demonstrated that he has adopted the PAS 2035 recommendations of regular sit visits, and is open to feedback from his peers to continue his own development and learning.

From all here at The Retrofit Academy: Thoroughly well-deserved Geordie!

Genevieve Dady (left), Geordie Stewart, David Pierpoint (right).

Thank you to the Greater South East Energy Hub for sponsoring The Retrofit Academy Awards: Retrofit Coordinator of the Year.

The Retrofit Academy Awards 2022, celebrated all things retrofit! Bringing together the individuals, teams, organisations and projects that represented retrofit excellence over the past year.

We had the opportunity to speak to each of this year’s winners, listen to our conversation with our Retrofit Coordinator of the Year: Geordie!

“I absolutely love my job, I’m passionate about it. I wouldn’t change it for anything else. I think that’s the key, really, if you’ve got passion. And that passion might be wanting to sort of showcase your technical abilities, or you might be passionate about the environment and wanting to make a difference with the climate crisis. You might be passionate about helping people live healthier lives and helping them reduce their energy costs and helping them with better indoor air quality. There’s so many positive things about this job.”

Geordie Stewart, Cosy Homes

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