5,000th Learner Enrolled

TRA enrols 5,000th learner as retrofit workforce builds

Here at The Retrofit Academy we are excited to announce that we have successfully enrolled over 5,000 learners to across our range of retrofit qualifications and training courses.   

Trained as Retrofit Advisors, Assessors and Coordinators, the newly qualified retrofitting experts will help accomplish the UK Government’s target of reaching net zero in 2050 by leading the sustainable upgrade of 27 million homes. 

Qualified retrofitters have the opportunity to work with or for local authorities, housing associations and their contractors to specify and install additional measures in homes that were not originally included in the building’s design. Using Government funding such as the Social Housing Development Fund (SHDF) and Home Upgrade Grant (HUG), institutions have clear access to the financial support needed to make the necessary changes to drive sustainability forward. 

Founded in 2016, The Retrofit Academy is the driving force in skills and knowledge to lead the way in the high-quality decarbonisation of homes at scale by acting as a workforce development partner. This includes collaborating with social housing landlords, local authorities and building contractors tasked with meeting the Government’s net zero targets. The business offers workforce solutions, resources and training designed to aid the development and recruitment of skilled retrofit personnel, to meet the UK’s growing need. 

To achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, 400,000 competent, qualified retrofitters are needed to carry out large-scale, high-quality retrofitting of homes, with The Retrofit Academy aiming to train half of these by 2030. Both new entrants to industry and those currently working in the built environment can fully understand how to conduct large-scale high-quality retrofit. As demand for competent retrofitters grows at speed, this major milestone represents the impact The Retrofit Academy is making to increase capacity and develop the large workforce required to deliver on goals. 

Retrofit Academy Trainer and Student, 5000 learners enrolled

David Pierpoint, Chief Executive of The Retrofit Academy explained:

“Decarbonising millions of existing homes is vital if we are to fulfil the Government’s aim of achieving net zero by 2050. To ensure this goal is reached, we need to collaborate and work together to have enough qualified personnel to carry out retrofit at scale.  

“While we’re pleased to have passed the milestone of enrolling 5,000 professionals to be trained as skilled and qualified retrofitters, work is well underway to ensure we reach our goal of 200,000 by the end of the decade. By continuing as the driving force in retrofit knowledge and skills, we can help to achieve net zero.”  

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