Eight Reasons Why You Should Train with The Retrofit Academy 

Author: Callum Harrison, Director of Training, Development and Delivery 

In order to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, health, and warmth of 27 million homes across the UK, we require skilled retrofitters capable of delivering high-quality work on a large scale. Yet still, the question remains: which training courses are currently available to equip retrofit professionals with the right knowledge and skills, especially those with quality built in at every stage?  

Let’s take a look at eight reasons why The Retrofit Academy is the best choice for taking the next steps in your retrofit career.  

  1. Learners who earn their qualifications through The Retrofit Academy acquire a comprehensive range of knowledge, equipping them for their careers ahead. 

Our students are taught both theoretical and applied knowledge throughout each qualification. Starting with the basic modules first, those taking the course can build on their knowledge as they progress through each level.  

  1. Our learners achieve qualifications taught by industry leaders. 

Each one of our courses is taught by a selection of carefully selected tutors and mentors who learners have continued access to throughout their educational journey. Our entire team of trainers have worked within the retrofit industry for a number of years and are at the top of their respective fields.  

  1. Learners can use our learning platform to complete their retrofit education at their own pace.   

All our learners gain access to a state-of-the-art virtual Learner Management System where users can access all their courses. Through this platform, those taking part can complete the learning material at a time suitable for them. This means you can work at a pace that works according to your schedule rather than having to wait for the next piece module to be released. 

  1. Our learning materials were created by the people who drafted PAS 2035.  

Our courses provide learners with access to thousands of resources, some of which were created by the authors of the PAS2035 standard, to teach all aspects of the retrofitting industry. These materials are designed to develop the knowledge of those retraining or upskilling in retrofit, so they can complete high-quality work once in the field.  

  1. We are the originators of Retrofit Training. 

Since launching in 2016, our founder David Pierpoint has worked meticulously alongside other leading industry experts to cultivate educational retrofit courses that accelerate sustainability initiatives and decarbonise our homes at scale.  

From the beginning, it was clear that high-quality qualifications would need to be designed and optimised to help lead the way, particularly in pursuit of government targets. Seven years on, we’ve now trained the UK’s first 2,500 Retrofit Coordinators and had over 7,000 learners enrolled, and counting! 

By 2030, we’re aiming to have 50,000 learners enrolled with The Retrofit Academy and continue to solidify our position as the leading retrofit training provider in the UK. 

  1. We are always listening to the industry and creating the courses that learners and organisations need. 

With retrofit constantly evolving, our training courses must meet the highest standards to ensure graduates are ready for a long and fruitful career. We are constantly innovating and adding to our existing courses as well as creating new qualifications to lead the way.   

The latest qualification to be launched is our new Domestic Retrofit Designer course. The first of its kind, this will help designers embed good practice and quality throughout every stage of the retrofit process. This course is a huge step forward, especially as it’s been requested by many learners over the last 12 months.  

Another recent addition to our selection of courses is Retrofit 101, where anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of retrofit can do so for free. It’s a perfect entry point for professionals considering a career in retrofit or those interested in increasing their scope of knowledge. We designed the course to offer individuals a deeper understanding of the retrofitting industry, encouraging them to potentially explore opportunities for joining the workforce. 

  1. We ensure that our graduates stay up-to-date, even after they’ve qualified. 

We recognise that the retrofit industry continues to evolve, and that our graduate’s learning journey does not end as soon as they pass their modules. To keep up to date with the latest learnings and methods, people who take our courses gain access to our membership platform following their graduation. Here, they can attend virtual seminars and lectures on retrofitting updates from industry experts allowing them to continue to expand their knowledge through The Retrofit Academy.  

  1. Our graduates have a bright future ahead of them. 

The Retrofit Academy’s qualifications pave the way for learners to develop a thriving career in the retrofit industry. After completing a course, we found that 52% go on to secure a promotion or salary increase and some even establish their own retrofit businesses to help decarbonise the UK housing stock.  

What’s more, the need for skilled and qualified retrofitting professionals is rising in line with the UK Government’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2050. This situation offers endless possibilities for career growth and development, in addition to strong earning potential.  

When you qualify with The Retrofit Academy, you are learning with the nationally recognised leader in the industry. Take the lead in your own future and learn about how we are The One to help you develop a sustainable career.