Why businesses should become TrustMark Accredited

Wednesday 18th November 2020

Becoming TrustMark registered can open opportunities for a business, providing access to Green Homes Grant and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) markets. With the Conservatives pledging £9.2 billion towards improving the energy efficiency of homes, schools, and hospitals in their 2019 manifesto, this is an attractive space. Here we have written a list of benefits of becoming TrustMark Accredited.  

Endorses Quality  

The TrustMark Scheme is a Government Endorsed Quality Scheme ensuring that work carried out in or around a home is done correctly and safely and will demonstrate quality to potential customers.   

TrustMark registered businesses will have access to a membership logo allowing the business to publicly demonstrate that they carry out good trading practice, good customer service and technical competence.  

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) 

The Energy Company Obligation is aimed at helping lower income households who are vulnerable or living in fuel poverty. To complete any ECO work the installer must be TrustMark.  From July 2021, installers under the TrustMark must also comply with the BSI PAS 2035 (2019) and the PAS 2030 (2019) Standards.  

 Green Homes Grant  

The Green Homes Grant requires all tradespeople to be TrustMark registered and will lead to approximately 600,000 homes in England to become more energy efficient. We have more information about the detail of the Green Homes Grant here.  

 Builds confidence  

As this is a government backed scheme, TrustMark is impartial and will build confidence in installers. In addition, the business has the option to become Trading Standards approved.

 Online Exposure  

As members of TrustMark the business or individual will also be part on their online directory for finding a reputable installer, helping the customers find the installer. In addition, installers will also be advertised on the Simple Energy Advice website.   

Flexible Payment Options for customers 

Household projects such as retrofit can be expensive for consumers. Being TrustMark Registered allows the business to work with the finance sector so they can offer 0% finance to the customers making projects more affordable, helping secure work. TrustMark members have access to options on specific jobs from £500 up to £40,000 in value.  

 Cashflow Protection  

TrustMark has a low-cost Escrow service that provides the business and their customers with a protective financial system when entering into an agreement for work.  

 Quotes and Contracts  

Part of the TrustMark scheme means businesses can send quotes, invoices, and communications through a portal for ease and clarity.  


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