Martin Hobbs Case Study

Retrofitting Done Right!

A Retrofit Coordinator case study with Martin Hobbs.

The Retrofit Coordinator plays a pivotal role in delivering the UK’s net zero ambition. Central to PAS 2035, the role protects homeowners and clients by managing projects in compliance with the Standard. Without Retrofit Coordinators, there is no assurance that the high standards required and vast volume of installs will be reached, and the effects of that would be felt globally. Martin Hobbs is a Retrofit Coordinator and is Taylor Lewis’ director heading up their Retrofit Division, we talked to him about his journey in retrofit.

With a background in quantity surveying, estimating and experience with social landlords and an interest in Passivhaus and Energy Efficient buildings progressing in retrofit was the next logical step. He brings a wealth of construction experience and is particularly passionate about doing things the right way. He is overseeing the assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures within domestic properties in accordance with PAS 2035.

“In an ideal world, the Retrofit Coordinator should be involved from the start of the project, with the client, all the way through the scheme. The idea of the Retrofit Coordinator is to have a complete knowledge of everything that goes on within that property and have an involvement in whatever is the right thing to do for that property.”

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