The Retrofit Academy Awards 2022: Social Landlord of the Year

Congratulations: Renfrewshire Council!

We hope with the work we’re currently doing in the social housing sector will make for a much larger intake of submissions in our search for the best social landlord retrofit client of the year. Nonetheless! We still had some star-studded organisations demonstrate a clear strategy and implementation of retrofit, and even a close second and highly commended applicant in Northwards housing,.

Our Judges’ Criteria:

  • A clear, well thought out strategy for delivering large-scale housing decarbonisation
  • Successful engagement of residents in the retrofit journey
  • Successful procurement of contractors and other suppliers that support better retrofit outcomes, including the adoption of PAS 2035, where appropriate

Our winners, Renfrewshire Council presented a clear strategy with a great approach and early adoption of the PAS 2035; securing their win by following a clear strategy by understanding the retrofit need. Renfrewshire provided evidence of monitoring temperature and humidity, as well as energy use. The efforts made to ensure resident engagement in their approach to PAS 2035 offered a great brief of the description of key elements, including fabric first and performance gap identification.

From all here at The Retrofit Academy: Well-earned and well-deserved Renfrewshire!

David Stevenson (middle) and David Pierpoint (right).

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